Specialties - Cheese and Tomato£8.99Add +
Create Your Own£9.69Add +
Hawaiian£9.99Add +Mushrooms, ham and pineapple
Beefeater£9.99Add +Onions, mushrooms and double spicy beef
Hot Chicken£9.99Add +Mushrooms, green chillies, tandoori chicken and fresh tomato
Hot Bite£9.99Add +Onions, beef, pepperoni and jalopenos
Spicy Hot One£9.99Add +Onions, green peppers, chillies and pepperoni
Pepperoni Plus£9.99Add +Onions. mushroom and double pepperoni
Vegetarian Hot£9.99Add +Onions, green peppers, green chillies, jalopenos and fresh tomatoes
Vegetarian£9.99Add +Onions, mushrooms, green pepper, sweetcorn and fresh tomatoes
Chicken Kiev£9.99Add +Plain Chicken, ham, mushrooms, and garlic sauce on top suprem
Free Choice£10.99Add +Any 4 toppings of your choice
Supreme Special £10.99Add +Onions, mushrooms, green peppers, spicy beef and pepperoni
Meat Feast£10.99Add +Spicy beef, ham, salami and pepperoni
Mexican£10.99Add +Onions, green peppers, chillies, spicy beef and fresh tomatoes
Deluxe £10.99Add +Onions, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, sweetcorn, pineapple and fresh tomatoes
BBQ Chicken£10.99Add +BBQ sauce, onions, green peppers and BBQ chicken
Millennium Hot Special Pizza£11.50Add +Spicy base, spicy beef, green chillies, chicken and jalopenos
Millennium Mixed Special Pizza£11.50Add +Onions, mushrooms, tandoori chicken, pepperoni and garlic sauce
Donner Kebab£4.00Add +Fresh lamb, specially seasoned to order
Chicken Donner Kebab£3.50Add +Fresh chicken, specially seasoned then carved to order
Mixed Donner Kebab£6.00Add +Donner kebab with special spices
Kofte Kebab£5.00Add +Minced fresh lamb with parsely and original herbs barbecued on a flame grill
Donner Meat and Chips£4.00Add +Served with chips and fresh lamb seasoned on an upright spit (No salad included)
Chicken Donner Meat and Chips£4.50Add +Lamb Shish and Chicken Shish cubed
Chips, Cheese and Donner£5.00Add +Served with cheese, chips and seasoned grilled on an upright spit (No salad included)
Mixed Kebab Special£7.50Add +Three kinds of mixed grilled kebab served with pitta bread with fresh salad and choice of sauce
Fish Finger (4pcs), Chips and Drinks£3.00Add +
Chicken Nuggets (4pcs) Chips and Drinks£3.00Add +
1 PC£1.50Add +
2 PCS & Chips£3.50Add +
3 PCS & Chips£5.00Add +
4 PCS & Chips£6.50Add +
8 PCS & 2 Chips£10.00Add +
10 PCS & 3 Chips£12.99Add +
Chips£2.00Add +
Chips with Cheese£2.00Add +
Cheese Garlic Pizza Bread£4.00Add +
Garlic Bread (4pcs)£1.70Add +
Garlic Bread with cheese (4pcs)£2.50Add +
Hot Spicy Wings (6pcs)£2.50Add +
Chicken Nuggets (6pcs)£2.00Add +
Chicken Nuggets (6pcs) with Chips£3.00Add +
Chicken Nuggets (10pcs)£3.00Add +
Chicken Nuggets (10pcs) with Chips£4.00Add +
Onion Rings (10pcs)£2.00Add +
Garlic Mushrooms (10pcs)£2.90Add +
Breaded Mozarella Stick£3.95Add +
Jalopeno Pepper Cream Cheese (6pcs)£3.95Add +
Potato Wedges£2.00Add +
Coleslaw£1.50Add +
Pitta Bread and Salad£2.50Add +
Sauce Pot£0.30Add +
Tennessee Toffee Pie£1.90Add +
Chocolate Fudge Cake£1.90Add +
Strawberry Cheese Cake£1.90Add +
Hot Apple Pie£1.00Add +
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream (500ml)£4.45Add +
Cans (330ml)£0.70Add +
Bottles (1.5 Ltr)£2.00Add +
Deal 1£4.00Add +1/4 lb burger, chips and drinks
Deal 2£4.00Add +Chicken Steak Burger, Chips and Drink
Deal 3£4.00Add +2 pcs Chicken, Chips and Drinks
Deal 4£4.00Add +Regular Donner Kebab and Drinks
Deal 5£5.50Add +Chips, Cheese and Donner & Drink
Deal 6£4.00Add +8 Nuggets, Chips and Drink
Star Deal£9.99Add +1/2 Pounder Burger with salad, 1 chicken or lamb donner with cheese and chips, 1 large chips, 2 cans of drinks
Family Deal£14.99Add +8 pcs Southern Fried Chicken, 2 regular burgers with salad, 2 chips, 1.5 LTR bottle of drink
Student Hot Deal £9.99Add +2 Regular Burgers with Salad, 6 Chicken Nuggets with Chips, 4 pcs Garlic Bread, 2 can of drinks
Late Night Deal (after 9:30pm)£11.99Add +Any 15" Pizza, 4 pcs Garlic bread and Can of drink
Triple Deals£30.00Add +
Meal for Two£9.99Add +1 Large Donner Kebab with Salad, 1 Regular Burger with Salad, 1 Portion of Wedges, 1 Large Chips and 2 Cans of drinks
Super Deal£19.99Add +2 x 10" Pizzas (3 toppings), 1 Large Chips, 2 x Medium Kebabs, 2 x 1/4 lb Burgers with salad, 1.5 LTR drink
PIZZA MEAL£7.99Add +Any 10" Pizza with any 3 toppings and 1 can of drinks
MILLENNIUM SPECIAL£9.00Add +5 Kinds of Mixed Grill Cooked Kebab served on Pitta Bread with fresh mixed salad and 1 Can of Drink
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